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I’m Autumn, like the season. A Grand Rapids based photographer and videographer, I specialize in weddings and I love OCF! If you’re looking at this page, you’re probably considering me for your associate or second shooter. Well that’s fantastic, I am appreciative that you’re here. Now, I don’t want to waste any of your time, I know the life of a creative business owner is a busy one. So, let’s get to it!

About My Work:

I’ve been professionally photographing weddings for over a decade; my first paid wedding was in 2011. Being a lifelong learner is important, so I frequently attend classes and workshops to improve my skills and learn new trends and styles. I love being behind the camera in all capacities. To expand my skills and continue learning, I made the leap into videography. I have been shooting video for 2 years and I must say that I love it as much as photography. As a hybrid photo/video shooter, I now feel like my creative capabilities are endless!

Being a personality chameleon, I tend to blend in with just about any group of people. Wedding guests, Brides, Grooms and party members all usually enjoy my presence. I can wrangle all the party members and keep timelines running without being rude. You can always trust this detail queen to grab the detail shots you need to fill up that gallery. From the venue, ceremony space, reception room, cake/desserts, decor and more, I’ve got it covered! When I am not getting details, I’m happy to take my own lead or follow your instructions for assignments. I love to capture both candid and posed moments. I’ll even grab some killer BTS shots of you too! I work well independently using my best judgement and situational awareness. As an associate shooter, I am capable of delegating work to the second shooter with kindness, I am a tremendous team player.

I’m well versed in every venue and lighting scenario. From full sun at the lake to dark wooden barns, poorly lit ballrooms to glass-glared greenhouses. I’ve seen it all and gave kick-ass outcomes regardless of the setting! I am skilled in both on camera and off camera flash, and I am ready for any situation.

Here’s a list of my gear:

Sony A7iii (x2) *mirrorless, full frame, dual cards 

35mm f/1.8

85mm f/1.8

70-200mm f/2.8 

Godox AD200pro (4)

Godox V860iii (2)

DJI Ronin SC Gimbal

+ various light stands, modifiers, softboxes 

A suitable eye for all editing types

My shooting style leaves exposure and color as true to life as possible, which makes me a very versatile second shooter.

My work can be edited in many different styles and I will always triple check exposure and kelvin with your preferences.

See a few examples below; My Style, Light & Airy, True to Life, Warm and Moody


My Style

Light & Airy




Don't just take my word for it. Read the opinions of other professional photographers & videographers on their experiences working with me!

Chrissy - Chrystin Melanie Photography 

Autumn is so helpful as a second shooter. She is great at details and capturing the moments that as a primary, you rely on a second for. Highly would recommend her to other photographers!

Jodi - 521 Photo + Film

Autumn has been a great member of my photography and videography team. Knowing both sides of the profession has made her very versatile and helpful in so many ways. She is kind and friendly. She knows when to step up and lead and she knows when to step back and follow. She is reliable and will go the extra mile to make the day smooth for you as a lead. She is knowledgeable in getting perfect content and also knows how to rock the reception lighting in dark spaces. I highly recommend Autumn to help you fill your team.  

Kelsey - Plum Joy Photography

I may be a little biased as her friend, but Autumn is an amazing second shooter! She is helpful, attentive, friendly and professional. I trust her with covering areas of the day apart from me and know she’s going to provide images I can and want to share in my couples’ gallery. She is knowledgeable in proper lighting, posing and OCF. And just to add a cherry on top, she gets great BTS content! So if you’re still asking if you should hire her, the answer is YES!

Mandie - Mandie Forbes Photography & Videography

Autumn is an absolute joy to have as a member of your team on a wedding day! From the very first wedding that we did together, she went above and beyond to be helpful! To anticipate not only the bride & groom, bridal party, family member’s needs, but also to anticipate anything that I might need as the lead team member. She helped with gear, took behind the scenes, made sure I drank water (all on top of also being a great 2nd and getting the shots!). I absolutely didn’t hesitate to hire her again and again! She’s 2nd shot photo & video for me as well as associate shooting multiple weddings as a member of my team. Not only did I gain an amazing team member and colleague from working with Autumn, I also gained a wonderful friend. 20/10 recommend!

Natalie - Natalie Jones Photography

Autumn was excellent to work with! I have used the same second shooter for years, but they were not available. However, Autumn was able to step right in and fill their shoes no problem. Minimal instruction needed and was always willing to grab gear or get the images I couldn’t. She also has some killer dance moves 😉 I am hoping we have the chance to work together in the future!

Sarah - Sarah Kossuch Photography 

I just want to give a shout out to Autumn Hanser. I have never worked with her and of course that makes anyone of us a little nervous. She showed up, ready and was amazing! Personality was wonderful with people and great image delivery. ❤️ Thank you so much Autumn!! Xoxo







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